Luton Bowling Club

Song about a calamitous bowls match

Our Hearts Cry Luton

A Rock Ballad Lamenting Luton Town FC Exit From The Premiere Division

We Are Luton

Song about Luton Town FC relegation and the hatred of Garth Crooks

Kingdom Of The Bikers

Celebrating The Hells Angels Bicyle Chapter

Milly Molly Mermaid

Shanty type song about a mermaid

Hey Im Only Four

Looking through the eyes and mind of a four year old

Where’s Wally

Bluegrass song about that elusive graffitti character

Timeless Swing

Big Band tribute to Glenn Miller


a full blown epic rock opera style with orchestral backing fronted by a rock band. this is a song about life and its hardships, but succeeding in the end

Howl In The Night

A rock ballad about a biker and his dog

Wild Night Wonders

Rock Balad about a couple in the woods

Freddie And Harley

Shanty about a little boy called freddie and his little sister called harley

Sunshine In My Eyes

Balad about a little girl called harley, sitting in her baby rocker singing about her daisey shaped ray ban sunglasses